About us

About us

Cortinas de Acero Fronteriza was founded in the city of Tijuana in 1974. Now in it’s third generation and with over 35 years experience Cortinas de Acero Fronteriza was given the task of optimizing efforts to offer quality products in manufacture and distribution of steel roller blind, aluminum blinds, fast curtains, curtains for cold rooms, automatic garage doors, accessories loading dock and download, automation of all types of access, etc.


It’s mission of Cortinas de Acero Fronteriza be the most important in Mexico from each of the brands we represent dealer. For over 30 years we have worked hard to build a reputation that distinguishes us among customers and suppliers , based on honesty , professionalism , good moral values ​​and above all excellent quality products and customer service.


In 2015, Cortinas de Acero Fronteriza is a company with a presence on both sides of the northern border and in the rest of Mexico. Preserving the good image that has always characterized us as representatives and manufacturers of products with the highest quality and technology on the market, recognized by our customers and suppliers as an exemplary company.

Values and Skills

  • Honesty with the customer, the customer has every right to know the truth and if there is a job we can not do or does not suit the customer is our responsibility to let them know.
  • Always look for ways to make the customer life easier, even if it means more work for us.
  • We are to serve the customer and is not for us favors.
  • Always be in communication with the client, if you are in touch with our company do not give you time to get in touch with the competition.
  • You always have to find the absolute best solution for our customers, even doing at the expense of our economic benefits.
  • You have to treat customers as we would like to be treated.
  • Each of our customers is the most important customer we have.
  • Never forget to be kind and give thanks, not your fault if you’re having a bad day.
  • The client deserves our time and patience. We are the experts explain our work is about our products and services.

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